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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Morclean-Trailer Mounted Bowser

Here at Morclean Hire we have lots to offer from the specialist range of equipment we stock, with Morclean being a business built on experience this is a benefit to you as a customer, as we can demo and help when needed.

So today's focus is the Morclean trailer mounted Bowser , if you have jobs like the following;

  • Graffiti removal and paint removal 
  • Patio and drive cleaning
  • Chewing gum removal from paths pavements and public areas
  • Mobile and car valeting and mobile steam cleaning 
  • Lorry wash and HGV cleaning on site
  • Quarry landfill and opencast sites 
  • Public WC, bus stop and toilet cleaning 
  • Local authorities and public areas 
  • Fly poster removal 
  • Airports and aircraft hangers 
  • Shipping ports and docks
  • Exhibition centres and municipal areas 
  • Parks and recreational areas 
  • Play equipment and seating areas 
  •  Cleaning of Road Signs 

So as you can see the Bowser suits a lot of business types, coming in various sizes including 500, 1100 and 2000 Litres. Morclean Hire offer two types a Highway Bowser and Plant Bowser, the Highway Bowsers are designed to be fitted to a road vehicle while the Plant Bowsers which are built to the same design are usually connected to a plant machine and mostly used for site work. 

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant) 
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Morclean- Pro Hot Water Cleaners

So you want to know about Hot Water cleaners...

In short you can use these for a range of cleaning tasks such as DIY at home to Industrial use at work. Don't worry about needing a huge work space if you are using it a home, a small garage will work just as well also great for bakeries and small vehicle fleets.

Great value for money and easy to use, if you wanted a demo on how to use one we would do this too.

I think the most impressive thing that I have found is that you can turn the heat onto 90 degrees and then with a touch of a button you can get it cold again, so its a machine that even I would feel confident using.

They come both in Diesel and Electric so you should find a model you would suit,
for more information and sales please contact; 01246473934

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant)
Contact jodie@morclean.com 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Please allow me to reintroduce...Morclean Hire

This blog is definitely up and running again so I thought a little "reintroduction" post would be a good idea to keep you in the know of what Morclean Hire do.

Having one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial cleaning equipment for hire in the area including specialist equipment. Vapour steam for kitchens, food and grease cleaning, as well as high pressure Jetters, hot and cold pressure washers for patio cleaning and removing grime and debris. We also offer for hire a full range of floor cleaning machines for warehouse floors, dust and litter collection and much more.

So you are not limited in what you can hire from us, you could originally come for one thing and leave with more! Spoilt for choice.

We have avast selection of wet pick up vacuum cleaners for spillages and liquids or dry vacuum cleaners for wood metal and plastics either in the work place or at home.

We literally have dozens of scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washers, steam cleaners and Jetters all ready to hire now at very competitive rates. We're also able to offer 1 day to 36 months Terms, call now 01246471147 or visit MTHTOOLHIRE.COM  for more details.

If you want to see a machine in action we also have a Youtube page where you can watch a selection of demo videos showcasing the machines, if you have any questions however please get in touch.

 Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant)
contact jodie@morclean.com

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cold Water High Pressure Washers

Do you work in the following?;

  • Agriculture 
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Car washing 
  • Cleaning equipment and plant
  • Cleaning of plaster and facades 
A Cold Water High Pressure Washer maybe just for you, lucky you stopped by as Morclean Hire have these available for hire. Available in a variety of options such as electric, petrol and diesel, mobile or fixed, highly reliable, efficient and great value for money. 

Here at Morclean Hire we have three types of Cold Water High Pressure Washers;

Cold Water Electric Fixed Pressure Washers

Great for repeated use in a fixed location, with a maximum flow rate of up to 900 litres per hour, and a motor speed of 1450rpm. Other features include direct shutdown protection, adjustable detergent/wax selector, pressure regulator and a glycerine pressure gauge. 

Cold Water Petrol Pressure Washers 

A self contained machine, ideal for mobile use where electricity is not available so long as you have access to a fresh water supply. Very tough machines with heavy duty frames, built to last. Maximum flow rate of up to 1020 litres per hour, up to 250 bar operating pressure and is fitted with a Honda 11 or 13 hp petrol motor.

Cold Water Diesel Pressure Washer

This machine is also self contained and ideal for mobile use where electricity is not available as long as you have access to a fresh water supply. It boosts a heavy duty steel frame and pneumatic wheels making it extremely hard wearing and versatile. Having a maximum flow rate of 1020 litres per hour, up to 180 bar operating pressure and is fitted with a lombardini air cooling diesel engine. 

Have a look at the following video to see one in action;

So do you feel something like this would benefit your workplace? Get in touch with our sales team on; 0800 1300 399b or email; info@mthtoolhire.com

Posted by Jodie (Marketing Assistant) contact jodie@morclean.com 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Industrial Wet and Dry Vacs- Pro Range

Here at Morclean Hire we have a variety of Vacuum cleaners for hire, today we wanted to show you the Pro range of Wet and Dry Vacs.

Wet and Dry Vacs can tackle many mishaps and even the most complicated problems,
the Pro range has been designed specially for the heavy-duty market.

They are designed to remove liquids and solids and used in a variety of industries such as: Industrial, Food, Mechanical, Manufacturing as well as many more. As you can see from the below image they are extremely effective and great value for money, models are available in different finishes such as Stainless Steel or varnished.  

The Vacuums range in motor size ranging from 2200W to 5500W having a maximum air suction of 156 l/s and a column depression of up to 31.4kPa (3200 mm H2O)


  • Silenced motors 
  • Washable filter with cyclone effect 
  • Great filtering and high autonomy without intervention
  • Automatic water ejection system 
  • Integrated storage for accessories 

In the pro range we have a variety of models which we will feature on this blog starting from tomorrow, so give us a follow to keep up to date.

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant) contact jodie@morclean.com

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Scrubber dryers for Hire

Did you know that we Hire Scrubber dryers? 

We have a wide range of Scrubber Dryers, so today I'm going to tell you about the SiteMaster Scrubber Dryer.

The SiteMaster Scrubber Dryer is a robust machine that's simple to use, comes in medium and large with various options of electric, battery or traction.


  • Durable rotational mounted housing 
  • Simple to use controls 
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium squeegee assemblies 

We provide a range of machines to suit all industries and varied applications, in using the platform design, rotational moulding and simple to use controls. We offer all the sitemaster range at an alternative competitive price. We provide a full range to suit all industry sectors and operators.

For more information please call: 08001300399 or email info@mthtoolhire.com

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant) contact jodie@morclean.com 

Choose how long you want to hire?

At Morclean Hire the good thing about hiring from us is the flexibility, we do Long, Short and Mid term leases on all of our range.

So lets explain our lease terms;

SHORT TERM - Days to Weeks 

MID TERM - Weeks to Months 

LONG TERM - 6 Months to 2-3 years

If you would like to speak to someone about Leasing from Morclean Hire please contact on: 08001300399 or email info@mthtoolhire.com

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant) contact: jodie@morclean.com